Here are some simple steps that can help you fix Indesign files that cannot be saved. With the two files open, choose Save, File > Export, and select InDesign Markup as the language format. Export the file with any name you choose in . INDD file. Choose Apple menu > Force Quit (Mac OS) or press Command + Alt-Delete > Task Manager (Windows) to also force quit InDesign.


I’m guessing/hoping you found a solution to this problem, but I hope this worked for you. This happens from time to time, and this has happened since the first time! me I panicked. I have a good job, so keep calm and persevere – you will succeed.

This will export the current and working version of the personal project.

BEFORE YOU FINISH Open the newly exported folder, check it and make sure everything is in order.

If everything is ok, save it as a valid InDesign file, then everything should be ok too. You can exit and close another file and get a working version that you can save.


  • Z10 Z10 blackberry won’t save files!

    If anyone has had this problem lately or am I doing it wrong.

    I’ve tried selecting launch, selecting the save option, renaming the file and selecting desktop, then hitting save.

    When I checked that it was saved, before that nothing was found, I tried to write a search for the file, but still nothing.

    I just tried to save the images in my browser, as I said above, the files were not saved.

    I’m already sick of the next test :

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    cannot save indesign file

    1) saved with file extension – output – nothing current found

    (2)Your memory is connected to a PC with your phone turned on andSearched the web – no results: found

    (3) I tried to use the CD on the device, but no luck

    Then, as I usually forget when saving a file, specifically a PNG, through the app, I can also save it as an email attachment.

    But when I try to save the file to a folder, the correct mechanism or SD card kicks in when I have problems.

    Thanks for the comments


    I think I understood the question, it would really be a mistake for me, thanks for the help!

  • Reader

    Acrobat DC doesn’t collapse files

    Windows 7 on Ubuntu 16.04 running Reader vm

    adobe acrobat DC 17/15/20053.uploaded 63404 Aug 7, 2016

    I spent several hours today filling out the FBAR report. When I press the “Save” button or Ctrl+ or s Alt+Poker, Alt+FS, I get a blank window with “Save as” in the top left corner and a corresponding “Close” button in the top right corner. Repeated tests give nothing. Report what must be in order to be discovered, to be classified.

    Any idea how to save

    Hello file?


    If you still have the same basic problem, turn off Settings > > Edit > General and turn off the “Show when saving files from any network storage” package.

    Click OK to save these settings and start reapplying.

    Make sure the updated app is up to date with this latest released patch.

    Let us know if this helps.



  • regsvr32 does not store files

    On Vista running 64-bit, regsvr32 always fails, cannot find binary location

    Explain how to use regsvr32 with error messages

    See help above.

    Visit someone there soon.

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    Mick Murphy, Microsoft Partner

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  • I’m trying to back up an old purchased copy of CS4. When asked if you want to save the file, , absolutely nothing happened. Also, my computer doesn’t therefore respond with , pas – “save file”. I can’t download cs4. It even happened that alternative th boot method was performed

    I also can’t load CS4, which I bought many years ago. It cannot be saved to a computer file because CS4 itself will not load properly without being saved in software. What’s going on here S? CS4 not available?

    Hello, Long William.

    Try downloading CS4 Du products here.



  • Adobe Audience&Colon software; My computer does not save Adobe Audience or other PDF readers

    My computer is not interfering with Adobe Reader or other PDF readers

    download and save, then > install.

    cannot save indesign file

    Find the file uploaded by you and your family

    This information applies to Windows Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Internet Explorer 8. You

    Normally, when you use Internet Explorer to download a file from the Internet, you will be asked where you want to save the file. Usually, when you specify where to save our file, Internet Explorer tries to place the file in the appropriate location. documents for example, and web pages aboutUsually placed in the Documents folder, favorite music in the folder, and all images and graphics in the Pictures folder. In Explorer internet 7, which can be dangerous, they are potentially stored as executable programs in the main Temporary Internet Files folder, and then duplicated in the folder you specified. The Downloads folder also often contains various download programs and. Here are a few tips for finding downloaded files.

    How do I save InDesign 2020?

    download InDesign file Choose > File > Save As. document, Rename it preferably using a different name. In the Format section of InDesign, select CS4 or later (IDML). Select Save.

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    How do I save a corrupted InDesign file?

    Open the file when it comes to the InDesign file.Choose File > Export menuFor File Type, select InDesign Markup (CS4 and later) or InDesign Interchange (CS3 and earlier).Give the file a name location, and then save it.

    How do I save an InDesign work file?

    Choose File > InfoFile Content Information” or (InDesign) > File Content Information File (InCopy). Select “Export” from the pop-up menu at the bottom of the dialog box. Enter a filename, navigate to the file’s location, and click Save.

    How do I save a frozen InDesign file?

    To save the recovered document, choose File > or Save File > Save As. When prompted, click Yes to overwrite the original file as well, but include the recovered information that was not previously saved.You can also choose File > Restore to revert to the last saved version that is most often associated with the document.

    Why can’t i export from InDesign to technote?

    Adobe TechNote assumes that the Qui indesign settings file, saves all settings, makes its own mistakes. If the settings files are then corrupted, this can lead to unexpected errors and therefore behavior when exporting PDFs. So, in order to fix this problem, you need to recreate the personal flavor files.