You should read these fix recommendations when you learn how to enable disabled app in Samsung Galaxy error message.

Tap Settings > Apps & Notifications > App Info.Tap All Apps > Disabled Apps.Select the mobile app you want to activate, then click Activate.

How do I enable auto disabled Apps?

After enabling this tool, you will be able to see a set of applications that are not working properly in the Disabled Applications menu on the right under the option to Automatically Disable Unused Applications. Granted, Android Pie hasn’t been around in 30 years and its functionality is still tight, but it should suit those with too many mobile apps on their device taking up space or living space, even ifthey are never used. or is used too infrequently to play a role.

Turn Them On If You Need Disabled Applications. Samsung App Settings:

Disabled apps may be installed by the manufacturer. To activate it faster, you need to go to the application settings. You need to remove them initially. But you can enable the “Disable” button on your Samsung device to allow them again. So if you want to use them, you can reinstall them.

How To Activate Apps On Android?

If you happen to have apps installed on your Android phone, but you don’t. If you don’t like them, your company can turn them off. Disabled apps can’t always be uninstalled, but you can force them to stop working as well as delete their data from storage and cache. You can also reinstall paid apps that you have uninstalled if you need to redeem them. Disabled apps cannot multitask. However, you can intentionally disable pre-installed apps.

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How To Disable Pre-installed Apps On Your Android Phone

As mentioned above, customers cannot uninstall some system apps that may be pre-installed on your Android phone. But on some phones, it is quite possible to turn them off so that clients do not appear in the list of applications on your phone. To disable apps directly on your Android phone, follow these steps:


There are actually different approaches you can take to re-enable apps that have been disabled recently. disabled on your Android device. You can use an application like App Repair or Backup Titanium which can restore it from a backup on your device. You can also use the purchase recovery tool available on the Google Play Store. This feature has a convenient function to restore disabled applications that the person has previously purchased.

How do I find disabled Apps on Android?

b). Tap the menu button, then tap Show Disabled Blog in List.

How do I enable a disabled app on my Samsung Galaxy s8?

This guide will show you how to hibernate and disable apps on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, and the benefits of disabling them. Both phones come preloaded with a number of apps from Samsung, service providers and even Amazon, and in general often waste storage space and are almost never used.

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