If you know how to create an Xbox account on your PC, this guide might help you.

In a website browser, go to www.xbox.com.Sign in with your email address.Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your awesome Xbox account setup, then return to help you register your Xbox console.

How do I create an Xbox Live account?

This article explains how to create a trusted Xbox account on your Xbox One console or on the Xbox website.

Easy Steps How Do I Remove My Xbox Account From My Computer?

Xbox is usually a game console that provides a clock. Entertainment for every player. However, one question Xbox owners still ask is “How do I remove my new Xbox account from my computer?” The answer to that question seems to be in the next article!

News Changing Your Xbox Account Email Address

If you change the old email address of your current Xbox Live account, you you will need to permanently change your Microsoft account information. Unfortunately, the two services are linked and Xbox does not have its own feature website.

How Can I Connect My AccountXbox To Make Sure You Have Discord?

Select your username and password to enter your actual email address, Discord needs to confirm. All this will be done in these two versions of Discord – mobile, as well as in applications, on a computer or on a website. If you have already created an account, please log in.

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how to make a xbox account on pc

Playing From Different Computers

Sometimes you will definitely have problems if you and therefore a member of your family often play the same game and the same game from different PCs, because the game can detect that a session is currently active through another PC.

how to make a xbox account on pc

Accessing Game Pass Games On PC Through The Microsoft Store

All defined games for PCs currently playable on Game Can Pass are located in the Microsoft Store, which is always the default on any Windows PC – no additional installation required.