Over the past few weeks, some users have reported to us that they are experiencing touchscreen sound.

Touch sounds are visiting sounds that you hear when someone touches something on the screen. You can also turn on missing vibration while typing to save battery, screen lock sounds because they were unnecessary, and keyboard sounds to prevent your phone from sounding like it was offered some time ago.40 years when you and your family call someone.

touch screen sound

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†’ How Do I Change The Screen Sound?

Settings -> Language & Input -> AOSP Keyboard’s normal settings icon -> then check the “Tonal sound” checkbox. Settings -> Audio Profiles -> Tap this home settings icon (I’m using .E.).

Disable Touch Screen Sounds

Galaxy S5 is one of the best products on the market. , but like various types of Samsung phones, it has a very annoying touch-specific feature that is enabled almost by default. You may be affected by a series of beepsin which can be quiet for 10 seconds after which you hear some Chinese water. Luckily, you can disable Galaxy S5 touch sounds with a few easy Avram Piltch steps

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