In this user guide, we describe some of the possible reasons that can cause xbox Live to turn off, and then we give some possible solutions that you can try to solve this problem.

While people are planning with Sony to host most of their latest State of Play events, Xbox players are unable to connect anywhere due to serious problems with online services that have resulted in a major outage. The 5:00 pm update you’re looking for says that Microsoft is working on this feature, but doesn’t provide an estimated arrival time when it will be fixed. According to the current status page, the xbox shutdown began at 3:15 pm ET and there are some signs that things are improving.

Update: as of 17:10 ET, the last status page of my update is “Informing us: we are close to a problem”, stay tuned for a fix.

Update 15 2: Models later and the status is indeed “closed” so hopefully online play won’t work (go online settings and select “go offline”) for you if even single play is still not have gameplay. that it works was now out of the question.

Update 3 (6 ET): pm. Indeed, almost three hours have passed, and although the status is Sune else points to something, a fix is ​​imminent, everything is still disabled.

Medication Update (8 ET): PM. After nearly five years of failure, if the internet status could update its message to say: “This is taking longer than expected.”

Update 3 (9:00 pm ET). The post was recently updated to say a fix is ​​imminent, and numerous reports of reports on social media indicate that players can usually connect. back after rebooting their systems. (21:36 6

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xbox live outage

Updating ET): The status page displays AND “so it’s free”. It seems people can play New to. If you rarely log in, try restarting your computer first.


We understand that users may not be able to connect to a Live xbox 360 system at this time. Our teams are currently investigating a fix for this. We’ll update here on as we have more facts and techniques to share on Xbox!

support (@XboxSupport) feliar September 25, 2021

Smh has been playing tf for parabola 3 on stanley for months and xbl doesn’t work or definitely works for me and steam can buy me everything

@XboxSupport I have a huge problem. My pet and not me can chat with everyone on Xbox. we recently became friends with the Xbox 360.

Anyone else having problems connecting to Xbox Live on Xbox 360?

@XboxSupport @Xbox For the past month, Xbox Live Support has prevented me from playing regular games. If you find a problem, please report it to me

At the time @XboxSupport is unable to connect to the game system. I am getting the current error message 8015190B:. What will I do?

Now my Xbox will definitely not connect Xbl to 😠to someone and only betray me and my friends to one bae, now I’m really lol

xbox live outage

@XboxSupport one, Most Xbox Live games don’t work, can you fix this?

I hate every time I finally manage to get naked and watch a stupid movie. Xbox live not working #shit

@SHGames I’m having trouble connecting to Xbox Live and it’s playing I only advance. Exozombies cannot be played by visiting them all

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